Visual Magnetics is an intelligent wall covering company that uses a three-part magnetic layering system on walls. The system requires smooth, straight walls for certified installation, however a large number of clients expressed a need for a wall covering that could be applied to rough surfaces like brick. Enter the Moodboard series.

The Moodboard series is Visual Magnetics’ industry-disrupting take on the office dry erase board. The Forerunner sports a variety of wood finishes, which wrap around the entire product, sans the front-face. The working surface of the board can be made of any of Visual Magnetics’ Intelligent Wall Coverings®, including their flagship Astro Dry Erase surfacing, a non-ghosting dry erase. The boards are magnetized with Visual Magnetics’ Level-Lock technology, which allows shelving and top-layer graphics to stick to the working surface of the board without fasteners or adhesives in a level orientation. The Launch Moodboard is a borderless unit that is meant as a commercial-grade alternative to the Forerunner board and the Visual Magnetics’ wall covering installation.

Designed at: Visual Magnetics

Designed For: Visual Magnetics/NYCxDesign WantedDesign 2018

Design Timeline: December 4, 2017 to May 18, 2018

Product Launched: May 18, 2018

Launchboard In-Context.gif