The Blackbody OLED fixture project is an ongoing exploration of fixture design language for OLED lights. OLEDs, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes, is a new type of lighting technology that Blackbody has perfected. The lights don’t emit a significant amount of heat, lending themselves to new and unique uses. Also, unlike traditional bulb-based lights, users can look directly at an OLED light without hurting their eyes, which means the lit surface of the unit can be exposed. Blackbody traditionally focuses on retail lighting, so this explorative project offers new and unique solutions for that sector as well as some divergent concepts for general consumers as well.

Project Status: Work in progress

Designed at: Pact, LLC

Design Partner: Jon Manoles

Design For: Blackbody OLED

Design Timeline: March 2017 to Present

Circle Shelf_A.jpg
3-Unit Animated Light_A.jpg
Motion Tracking
Pixel Mirror_A.jpg
Shelf In-Context_C.png
Square Shelf_A.jpg
Single Animated Light_A.jpg